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Hello everybody.
At the request of my friends, I'm posting my review about  Return Road PV . I confess, at first I thought who everything revolved around her wedding, but I saw that has a lot more, including a critique to Live shows too.

Return Road starts with a bunch of people dressed in an anti-radiation suit and a mask, walking in the middle of a semi apocalyptic scenario. at first it does not make much sense, so let's continue...

The guys with veiled mouths and the Factory is the place where ayumi lives, but also people who take care of it within the enterprise. One day, for some reason ayu left his paradise and his own life, to start singing career, and this made her limited.
Again, Ayu attacks AVEX like an within rules and robotic company. Where all employees can't give opinion (so all are veiled mouths).
Perhaps, someone tried to protect Ayumi about everything that happened with her and get fired.
Peco-san...? Maybe ...

The tank is power and protection. It's like she think who people see her, like someone who everyone is afraid of their firepower and protection that AVEX has with her.

Expressing a moment of solitude and loss, Ayu appears with your black wedding dress, which is very interesting because it is "almost" the same model as in Virgin Road, but black.
Perhaps the irony of their own destiny, is no longer the pure white of the bride, because nothing is as before. The tank also shows that, for love, she can really give up everything, or even allow others to see their true appearance, a woman made for love, that regardless of that, it leaves its security in the tank to look for that love.

Those who know the truth, willing to stand up and help Ayu, had to stay away and mouths closed, even seeing everything that was going to collapse (is shown when it starts to spark and even seeing and afraid, all guys continue to work) . As you know, ayu is a woman to make money, who is below it then... It is better to remain silent so as not to be unemployed.

Much, however, hinders Ayu to be happy, like the LIVE shows. Okay, do you think: "Ayu can cancel the show when you want to do", but for AVEX is not so. Losing this "product" Hamasaki for them is lose much. So all that was created by Ayu, the Arena Tour, CDL, etc., tend to not end. And who loves her, learn to live with this in the wedding and with important dates at distance...

Later ayu to get up and sing out loud on a number of crowd of people looking for the real people and vulnerable. At this point, even though she sing with loud speakers and distribute their music and their lyrics with indirect, it does not affect people who walk through there. Moreover, the lyric is now clear and says:
"Someone called it interesting and others ridiculous. As we were together?
No matter how one would understand us. As they say about us? "
A strong allusion to the fans, giving  guesses in his life, both in Team Ayu (who really sees it as a product as much as AVEX) and for the media. It meant that while she demonstrates her feeling in the songs, nobody listens, above all else.

Finally, she seeks among the people, someone that she went to look, but nobody is there to help her find this person, then she found that love has changed in appearance, disappearing. The shocking photo that falls on the floor, showing her and Mannie, indicates that she wanted to find the "Mannie" or the person she knew in love songs, it was his Last angel and became someone moved by Ayu power in asia and the fame who had (that we see because of the way the men walk without noticing Ayu, just following the path toward the company, the large building in the background).

Since Ayu don't find your love, she cries and runs away, preferring not continue the search. And someone takes the photo in floor. For me, this may indicate many things, but what I think, is that she knows she has someone who understand her and is always there for her, but she did not found it yet.

Well, thats all. I hope you enjoyed my analysis for the PV Return Road.
Thanks for reading!

Juliano Gardiman

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